MIPs Online Sign-Up Details

You will have access to MIPs Online for students and administrators of your choice. There are three plans to choose from to help you deliver career action plans to your students.   Make career and transition planning a meaningful process for your students and an efficient process for staff.  Your school can ensure that all student Career Action Plans are completed and regularly reviewed.

Plan Comparison:

Prices include GST.

Download here: Price Guide and Plan 2018 MIPS Online

What’s included?

1.We set up your school account and issue you with all login details and user manuals

2. We provide you with annual training

3. We provide MIPs Online Starter Kit with hard copies of all resources including example Lesson Plans, instruction sheets and more for easy classroom facilitation

4. Depending on the package you select we provide you with summary reports.  They look great, they’re easy to read and share with your colleagues

5. We assist you to create and manage student accounts

6. We provide ongoing support and great customer service to your school – you just have to ask.

7. Depending on the package you select we assist you to implement the system at your school, taking into account your individual needs.

8. We take care of storage and archiving of data

9. We are always here to help

10. We run quarterly webinars

Ready to join?

Great news!  The first step is to simply complete our online Agreement by CLICKING HERE and answering 10 questions.

Next step is to wait for us to contact you or get started right now by downloading the following documents. Simply click on each one listed below.  The checklist describes exactly what we need.  Alternatively, contact us, and we’ll help get you started.

1. Checklist

2. Admin Request Form

3. Student information template

 MIPs Online and Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) – VIC State Schools

The MIPs Online system will assist you to meet requirements of Managed Individual Pathways. The reports will identify students on track, students who require case management and students who are potentially at risk.  You are able to make case notes to be shared with other administrators or you can share details of meetings with the student directly. My Individual Pathways can provide additional support and services to implement the MIPs Online resource throughout your school (additional cost). Working with your MIPs Coordinator or Career Team members we will work extensively with you to ensure successful delivery of MIPs Online within your school. Each year we offer a training session to your staff and ensure they are comfortable to lead the delivery of MIPs Online is the classroom.

Through our MIPs Online reporting we will show you how to identify those students that indicate they are at risk of not completing year 12 and help put systems in place to ensure that follow up meetings are arranged to assess and offer links and required referrals to support your students.