PRIVACY POLICY is a website owned and operated by My Individual Pathways. My Individual Pathways is committed to protecting the safety and security of our Licensees (Secondary Schools, Organisations, TAFEs, Universities or Registered Training Organisations who enter a License Agreement with us) and their registered student users (Users). We are sensitive to our Users concerns about the safety of the personal information provided to us. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully in order to understand how any personal information collected by us is used.


The Site does not provide students with the means to communicate directly with each other. There are no chat rooms connected with the online resource. Our Licensees are provided with an administration area that will allow them to view their enrolled student’s profiles and they have been allocated an area called notes. In this area, our Licensees teachers and staff have the ability to leave messages for students that can be viewed by students in the students profile. This is an educative activity within a secure environment.
Personal information we collect

In order to register for the Site, the Licensees authorised staff enter into a License Agreement with My Individual Pathways. My individual Pathways will then set up an administration login for the school. Authorised school staff will then provide us with their own name, school name, a username and password and contact details including an e-mail address.

Our Licensees create the accounts for their own student users. The information schools are required to enter to set up individual profiles for students is the student’s full name, a unique student identification number, their year level and home group. My Individual Pathways staff may assist schools to upload this information or manage this information but only at the school’s request.

Students users have an opportunity complete their Career Action Plans which includes setting personal, academic and career goals, identifying skills and values and reflecting on their experiences each year. Licensees can generate a number of reports from student user responses.
What we will do with your information

The information collected from student users is used for the following purposes:

(a) to allow Licensees access to view the entire student profiles and information for their classroom purposes.

(b) Licensees generate reports (school) that may list individual students that have elected certain career or education pathways or indicated they may be at risk of early school leaving or disengaging from education;

(c) upon the Users request, to reset a password for a lost or forgotten password;

(d) to respond to work that has been completed by a User;

(e) to contact the User about any problems with the Users profile or conduct on the Site;

(f) to send out a MIPs Online newsletter about the Site.
What we won’t do with your personal information

My Individual Pathways will keep your personal information confidential and not sell or knowingly divulge your information to advertisers or any other third parties, unless:

(a) we are required to share your information with a third party in order to comply with law or to comply with a court order or subpoena;

(b) to enforce our website rules; or

(c) to protect the safety and security of our Users and our Site.

Generally, we will only use your information as agreed with our Licensees, managing or representing our Licensees, or our Licensees themselves so that they can fulfill their responsibilities of Managing Individual Pathways and in implementing aspects of the Careers Curriculum.
How we process your information

We remind Users that they are consenting to the use of any personal information we collect from them in accordance with our Privacy Policy at the time of login. If a User does not wish to provide us with their consent, they cannot agree to the Site Terms and Conditions and must not use the Site. Our use of the personal information we collect is necessary in order for us to maintain the Site and facilitate Users use of the Site. We do not collect any unnecessary personal data from Users.
How long we hold your information

We will keep any personal information we collect from Users for as long as the License Agreement is in force. If a Licensee terminates their agreement then on termination My Individual Pathways will confirm with the Licensee to discuss their obligations to retain information and will act under instruction. Information is otherwise deleted or destroyed.  We will remove all records from the server database.

We do hold back ups of our server daily.  These backups are deleted after 30 days.
Keeping your personal information accurate

The personal information we hold about a Student User (such as their first and last name, year level and school) is kept so that we may correctly identify that User. Users can update their personal information at any time by contacting their school or My Individual Pathways (details below).
Keeping your personal information secure

My Individual Pathways is committed to information security. We will use all reasonable endeavours to keep Users personal information in a secure environment. For instance, each Users personal information is encrypted whilst being sent to our server at the time of registration. However, security cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the internet.

My Individual Pathways security measures are designed to assist in Users personal information not being accessed by unauthorised personnel, lost or misused. If you reasonably believe that there has been an unauthorised use or disclosure of your personal information please let us know by contacting our Privacy and Data Protection Officer (contact details below).
Anonymous information

In addition to personal information and Career Action Plan data, My Individual Pathways also collects anonymous information about Users and the activities of Users on the Site. Anonymous information is information that is not linked to the name of a user.

This information is used to assist us in enhancing the online resource and the information remains anonymous at all times. When agreeing to the Site Terms and Conditions, Users grant My Individual Pathways and its Licensees the right to use this anonymous information for its own purposes, such as the preparation of statistical reports, provided My Individual Pathways otherwise complies with its obligations in respect of the use of personal information.
Revision of Privacy Policy

My Individual Pathways reserves the right to change, modify, or revise this Privacy Policy in order to comply with any applicable laws or for any other reason at any time. Therefore our Users are required to check the Privacy Policy periodically to read about any changes, modifications, or revisions. Users may wish to check it each time they login or submit personal information. You will be deemed to have consented to such variation by your continued use of the Site following any changes being made.
How can parents or carers access, change or delete personally identifiable information about their child?

Users have a right to get a copy from our Licensees of the personal information we hold about them. If you wish to receive a copy of this information please address your request to the Users school Careers Team or MIPS contact. Please note My Individual Pathways does not access Students individual profiles or information unless directed by the Licensee. We generate accounts for our Licensee so that they can manage this information.

Alternatively, you can contact the My Individual Pathways Privacy and Data Protection Officer (contact details below). We will deal with your request promptly and in any case at least within 14 days of the date of receiving it. We will send a request to the relevant Licensee to correct or delete inaccurate or incomplete personal information we hold about you at your request.
Public Displays of Names

My Individual Pathways do not allow full names to be shown publicly. There is no opportunity for information relating to the identification of users to be published to the internet.

A cookie is a small piece of information handed to a web browser from a web server that contains information that can be retrieved from the server later. When you visit the Site the server may attach a cookie to your computer’s memory. My Individual Pathways uses cookies only to the limited extent of recognising the User when they visit the Site and pairing that User with the account (and account preferences) that the User created. However, this information is not linked to any personal information that User may provide and cannot be used to identify Users. You should be able to configure your computer so that it disables cookies.
Transfer of your data

Users personal information is uploaded to and kept on a dedicated server, located in Melbourne, Australia, that we maintain or that are maintained by third parties that comply with strict contractual privacy obligations. It is not otherwise transferred internationally except where a copy is sent to the User itself at their request. Users must consent for their personal information to be transferred and stored in this manner at the time of registration.
More Privacy Information

For more information on privacy legislation and guidelines in your local jurisdiction please contact your relevant local authorities. Australia
Contacting My Individual Pathways about this Privacy Policy

Please address all requests and questions about this Privacy Policy to the Privacy

and Data Protection Officer and use the email address below.