Identify at risk students

We all want to avoid students falling through the gap.  When we think of at risk students we often think of those students the school is aware of, such as those with truancy issues or disruptive, challenging behaviours or achieving poor grades.

However, we know that an unsuccessful transition is just as likely if you have students who want to enter medicine but are not told about the UMAT in a timely manner or they have not been advised of pre-requisites that will impact their ability to be accepted into their desired course.

MIPs Online provides insights to student’s current career and course goals allowing you the time to contact the students directly about their pre-requisites.   We also provide numerous reports revealing data such as young people contemplating leaving early, work experience aspirations and more.

Indicators from MIPs Online that a student may be disengaging are:

-Lack of interest in school

-Stated intention to leave school early

-Significant change in attitude toward school

Indicators from MIPs Online that a student may be at-risk of not making successful transitions from one year to the next are:

-Lack of awareness of pathways required to reach an education or career goal

-Lack of personal investment or ownership over their Career Action Plan