How do I register for MIPs Online?

If you are a school representative wishing to create a MIPs Online account for your students, please fill out the contact us form or contact us via email at Belinda@mipsonline.com.au. We will contact you with instructions on setting up MIPs Online accounts for the students at your school.

How does the MIPs Online system work?

The best way to see how the system works is to arrange a demonstration at your school.

The demonstration provides an overview of the features of the system and we can discuss best use practices. MIPs Online provide example lesson plans for each year level assisting the Careers Team to engage teachers that do not have a career development background. The lesson plans are matched to VELS and the Careers Curriculum.

We also include one training session at your school.

Why would I use MIPs Online?

There are many benefits when using MIPs Online:

Identification of at-risk students: Through the collection of responses from students, MIPs Online identifies students potentially at risk of not making successful transitions. The reporting area will provide you with a list of students who can be targeted for additional support from Year 7 onwards.

Managed Individual Pathways: State Schools will find implementing Managed Individual Pathways is made easier. Our clients access every student’s Career Action Plan through the administration portal and the Career or Leadership Teams can use the system to make case notes shared with other administrators and can use the tool as a foundation for career conversations with students.

The collection of information assists school staff to understand the diverse needs of the student population and drives appropriate and relevant career and pathways program provision.

Transition planning: MIPs Online careers action plans can be used within the school in ways that lead students to access, value and identify with their plans. As students make plans for the future year they record this information in their plan and the school can draw a report from their responses. It will assist you to ensure students are purposefully interviewed and supported.

It is common for students to loose their paper-based plans however with MIPs Online students can retain their plan when they leave or transfer to another school.

Collaborative process for system upgrades: Our clients are invited to an annual consultation in the middle of Term 4 each year where we discuss your feedback and suggestions to improve the system.

Preparing students for the online world: with the prevalence of online networking young people will be required to develop a professional online profile in order to be competitive in the job market. Professional e-profiles will not only function to network with others, it will be the first impression an employer will have a prospective candidate. MIPs helps students distinguish between a social networking profile and a professional networking profile. MIPs Online is a great introduction to these spaces.

How will my school implement the MIPs Online system?

Years 7 10 delivery could be incorporated into English, Humanities, Pastoral Care, Personal Development or through ICT. It is likely to fit in well with aspects of personal development at al year levels.

At years 11 12 you may use home group time to introduce aspects of the program and ask students to complete their online career action plan for homework.

We can assist you to implement your program to the entire school cohort or just for a selected cohort of your choosing.

Implementing the Careers Curriculum is a big job and MIPs Online makes this process easier. We also map out for you the parts of the Careers Curriculum that are addressed when using the MIPs Online system. We even provide example lesson plans for all year levels that correspond to VELS and the Careers Curriculum.

What are the minimum requirements to run MIPs Online on my computer?

An Internet connection.

The latest version of popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome.

Does MIPsonline run on iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones?

MIPs Online runs on all modern platforms, including iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones, and Android devices.