With the introduction of the Australian Blueprint for Career Development, we understood many schools were focused on extending their Careers program to all Secondary School students. In response, we created a system that could be easily implemented, easily managed and easily used by both students and staff.

We are passionate about careers being integrated into education and young people getting the best start they can to be successful in life. MIPs Online offers a tool that ensures Managed Individual Pathways and Career Action Plans can be delivered to the entire student cohort and save staff considerable time in the Careers and Transition process. This system allows staff more time to work directly with young people in a targeted and meaningful way, leading them closer to their desired goals.

We have worked with young people in Victorian State Schools offering both welfare and careers support to students at risk of poor or unsuccessful transitions for over ten years. Young people, Principals, Leading Teachers and, Careers and Welfare Teams speak highly of this system and have found it has transformed the way they manage their career programme.

At MIPs Online we are committed to analysing, improving and updating the system to reflect current trends in Career Development Practice. We achieve this by keeping informed, researching and consulting with our clients.