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Do you sometimes wonder if you could be doing more to get the insights you need to keep track of all your students? But you just don’t have the time?

Do you aim to have meaningful career conversations with your students and provide them with exceptional careers counselling?

Do you wish when students came to you to choose their VCE subjects or discuss VTAC that they had put more time into planning and goal setting before they came to their interview?

Are you sick of hearing “I don’t know what I want to do?“

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then look no further and welcome to MIPs Online, a business that understands the ongoing pathways planning needs of students and the time constraints of the Careers Team.

Our MIPs Online platform is for State and Independent Secondary Schools.  Students own and manage an annual Career Action Plan in line with the principles of the Australian Blueprint for Career Development.  The Career Action Plan is tailored for each year level to enable thorough transition planning as they progress through school. 

We provide you with all the necessary resources to enable you to implement a Careers Program for all your students.  Lesson Plans, Instructions Sheets, information for parents and much more will be at your fingertips. Graphs and reports are at your fingertips and will show you, whenever you need it, the precise careers position of your school.

MIPs Online provides a space in which young people can record, reflect on and link essential learning activities with their life, learning and work goals.  Students use MIPs Online to articulate their skills and values, plan ahead, learn about their options and begin thinking of the subjects they need to take in secondary school and the Tertiary courses they need to pursue to achieve their career goal.

Appointed school administrators such as the Careers Team and Leadership Team can access an individual student’s plan or draw a series of reports that collates data by year level.

The reporting assists you to assist those in most need of targeted support and to keep an eye on the ones who you think are on track.  You will undoubtedly identify students who do not have a precise or accurate pathway plan.  Doing this as early as possible and providing targeted interventions can lead to higher retention, higher participation and attainment of VCE, VCAL or VET in schools.  This ensures active career and transition support to the student cohort.

A young person’s Career Action Plan is retained and transferred from one year to the next and from one school to the next.  Parents will recognise your effort to provide quality support for student transitions.

MIPs Online is encrypted with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate and available for viewing and reporting purposes by authorised school administrators.  Students are encouraged to share their plans with their parents and other supporters.